How to Detail Deep Clean your Home

A quick run to the local dollar tree, is exactly how we can start our cleaning story today! Buy cleaning gloves, and a generic window cleaner, 1 spray bottle, a toilet brush, a degreaser, a bundle of paper towels, microfiber cloths, bleach, and a multisurface along with a floor cleaner. Let’s not forget the importance of SOS scrubbers and a few sponges.  If you don’t have a Swiffer already invest in one and you can use an old rag and attach it to the bottom when it’s time to mop the floors.

Load everything in the car and let’s drive home. We have a fun day of detail deep cleaning ahead.  Where should we start first? Let’s lay all the supplies on the kitchen table. I like to start with the longest tasks first and complete them step by step.

Rooms to Clean J

Things to Bring

Complete J


paper towels, degreaser, clorox solution mixed in spray bottle, microfiber cloths, multisurface, floor cleaner, 1 sponge, floor cleaner, swiffer, microfiber cloth, SOS scrubbers



Clorox solution mixed in spray bottle, toilet brush, microfiber cloth, window cleaner, paper towels, multisurface, 1 sponge, floor cleaner, swiffer


Living Room

microfiber cloth, window cleaner, swiffer or vacuum, 


Dining Room

microfiber cloth, multisurface, floor cleaner, glass cleaner


Laundry Room

microfiber cloth, multisurface, glass cleaner, paper towel, swiffer, floor cleaner



microfiber cloth, floor cleaner, swiffer or vacuum



microfiber cloth, multisurface cleaner, vacuum or swiffer


Now that we have this helpful chart. Let’s get started. I recommend that we start from top to bottom with our surfaces. We know that dust likes to travel. Back to front when we are cleaning every surface. I wrote the chart in the order I follow for the fastest and most efficient cleaning.

 Where to Start?

Kitchen- Open all the windows to get air flowing in. We are going to spray degreaser in the oven and close the door (let sit at least 10 minutes you can let sit longer, but for arguments sake, 10 minutes will do.) Make sure SOS scrubbers are on deck, and wear your gloves, throughout this cleaning process. Open your fridge and toss out any old food items. Get out some paper towels, and let’s begin to wipe down the glass shelving top to bottom back to front like we discussed earlier. Pick up and go under items or take them all out, your choice. If you have any heavy stains, we can go over to the sink and get some dish soap and one of those sponges we got earlier at the dollar store and scrub away any debris. Repeat these steps, till the inside of the fridge is sparking, then repeat with the freezer too!

Now that the fridge is sparkling, let’s move to the exterior cabinets, lets wipe them down with mild soap and water. Then, we can wipe all the surfaces on the counter tops. Organize and place like items together as you go. Windowsills and blinds if you have them can be wiped with a microfiber cloth. If you need to do a heavier cleaning, spray window cleaner and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Interior windows should be wiped down last if you have blinds to clean first. Spray your window cleaner and use a paper towel or microfiber your choice! Let’s return to the oven now and scrape any debris with our SOS scrubber. Use a paper towel to collect any excess debris. Finish cleaning the inside of oven with dish soap and water to clear out any excess degreaser. Lastly, mop floors with swiffer and tie a rag on the bottom after soaking the rag in floor cleaner solution. Finally scrub the kitchen sink with bleach and water solution.

Off to the bathroom, Let’s start with the toilet. Grab the clorox and water solution. 10% Clorox and 90% water and let’s start with the bowl first and scrub throughout the toilet bowl. We can use paper towels to wipe down the sides of toilet and the toilet seat along with the back of the toilet. Don’t forget to also clean the toilet seat handle. Next, let’s move over to the shower or tub, same process. Spray the bleach solution, or multisurface depending on the material. Use a little water and scrub and let sit as we proceed to the sink. Detail clean the mirror with a microfiber as we wait for the clorox and water solution to take effect in the sink and shower or tub. Let stand 10 minutes. In the meantime, dust any baseboards.

Let’s return and rinse the shower or tub and sink with water and dry with a microfiber or paper towel. Finish off by mopping the floor with swiffer and floor cleaner.

The two most time-consuming rooms are done! High-five. You’re a pro. Let’s move on to the living room. Here is where we will focus on the dusting. Grab your microfiber, and let’s get ready to conquer those dust bunnies. Grab a step ladder and dust off the top of your ceiling fan. The dust bunnies can really cling to those hard-to-reach surfaces. That wall clock you see over there, wipe it down. Hold it with one hand while you’re wiping it clean, so it doesn’t fall off the wall. Those couch cushions, take them out and vacuum up anything that could have fallen. Now that we have covered all the surfaces in the room. Let’s go to the baseboards, mild soap and water will do. Hand wipe for best results. Finish this room by either vacuuming or mopping depending on if its carpet or hardwood.

Dining Room is next. We are halfway through. Grab yourself a snack and take a 15-minute break. You deserve it you have cleaned half of your house. Hooray! Breaks over-let’s grab that microfiber and work the room top to bottom. You have a system now, and it’s working well. You can wipe down the dust from all the surfaces. If you have windows, you know the process. Finish off with a vacuum or mop depending on your flooring.

Laundry Room- This room is quick and easy. We clean the top first. I like to use window cleaner, but soap and water is fine too. Back to front, top to bottom, inside the machines and inside where we pour the detergent. Quickly mop the floor.

Hallway(s)- Let’s get ready to dance down the hallway with the vacuum or swiffer. We are almost completely done. Be careful, take your socks off if we are not working with carpet. Picture frames, mirrors, you know what to do. Baseboards, floors. You got this!

WE ARE ALMOST TO THE FINISH LINE!! CLOSETS! Open them one at a time. Top to bottom wipe down the shelves, straighten, organize, get those baseboards, conquer those dust bunnies. FLOOORS!! Rinse and repeat. Amazing work. Your home is now sparkling clean!

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