What sets MissionCat apart from other cleaning services in our area?

  • Our friendly customer service team
  • Ability to introduce our customers to cleaners.

Our Mission

Introducing cleaners to clean home seekers

Our Vision

Healthy Life Indoors and Sparkling Clean results = Creating a Cleaner World.

Why choose MissionCat?

A committed company striving to supply cleaners with employment in both the states of New York and New Jersey. Dedicated to screening candidates and hiring cleaners that are experienced and serving as a connection to customers.

What areas are you currently servicing in?

  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Long Island
  • Hoboken
  • Jersey City
  • Weehawken

 What do we offer?

Residential Cleaning

  • Organization
  • General Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Dog Sitting
  • Cat Sitting
  • Partial Cleaning
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Hoards Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning

Do you offer regular cleaning service to customers?

Yes, we offer recurring cleaning for regular customers. They have the option to choose weekly or bi-weekly. A $50 fee is charged if they skip weeks with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Do you offer discounts and promotions?

We do reward via marketing materials via campaigns and mail that we send out to our customers and clients.

How much does it cost to book with your Service?

At MissionCat, The price changes with the average, we are currently charging a normal price and we try to keep our cost as affordable as possible as a company.

How many cleaners are currently employed at Sarinas Cleaning Services?

That is impossible to say, we have a large database, and are always hiring new candidates. At any set time we like to have candidates available in every borough we service in.

How long has MissionCat been in business for?

We opened officially in August of 2019 and have been running as a company since then.

 How long do you think it will take to expand nationwide as a company?

As soon as our application is released, we expect 3-5 years, possibly sooner. We are just guessing. It depends on how well everyone likes our application and what states are preferring the application for finding a cleaner.

How did MissionCat  first come about?

Sarina, the CEO,Sarinas Cleaning Services was working in fashion and volunteering in soup kitchens, as well at City Harvest when she started to really enjoy cleaning up after serving food and helping with the process of serving others. The ideal of building a company around cleanliness came about in 2016. It wasn’t till later, in 2019 that the company officially opened and began as MissionCat.

Do you ever plan to have a nonprofit since that is also a passion?

One day, it is a dream to have a nonprofit connected to MissionCat. We are many years from that day, but it is in our future goals as a company.

 What are cleaners expected to bring to jobs?

Communication between the customer is handled by our bookings department and they rely on all messages to the cleaners from customers. Cleaners are typically expected to supply kits, window cleaner, degreaser, scrub brushes, multi-surface cleaner. Along with these items cleaners are to bring a vacuum, mop, and microfiber clothes.

 How do cleaner’s commute to and from cleaning jobs?

Cleaners are responsible for transportation to and from jobs

We have cleaners who commute by train or bus and some cleaners drive personal cars to and from cleaning jobs.

Are we supposed to tip via the payment platform or cash tip?

We have no preference. Our cleaners receive 100% of tips.

Can we take the cleaner directly from your company?

We are an introduction, and the cleaner would not be able to work off our platform if they work with a customer directly. We will no longer handle any communication if they work directly with the customer, and they would also no longer work for us in the future we would suspend their account.

If something breaks, who is responsible?

We are serving as an introduction, and it is between the independent contractor (cleaner) and the customer to handle any claims if something is to break on the job.

How do you know if the cleaner that is being sent is going to do a good job?

Customers rate each cleaner and give feedback, we do background checks as well as a screening process for the cleaners that are on our platform.

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