What is grout?

Grout fills in the spaces between tiles in your bath or kitchen, but beyond its functionality, it serves as a frame to highlight the beauty of the tile. Due to its formation of slight depression around the tiles, mold, mildew, and dirt can collect in grout.

Why hire a professional for  grout cleaning?

If you believe that time is money, it’s easy to see how professional tile cleaning saves you a ton of time making it well worth the money for a professional cleaning. In addition to that, a professional cleaning will extend the life of your tile and grout by keeping them cleaner.

How Often Should I Have Professionals Clean my Tile, Stone, and Grout?

It is recommended to have your tile and grout cleaned at least once a year. If you have kids or pets who get your tile dirty quicker, twice a year might be better for your family.

If you would like to tackle Grout on your own here are a few tips and facts to help you!

A few tools available at Home Depot that aid in cleaning grout


1)Microfiber Towels


3)Portable Steam

4)Flat Mops

5)Rubber Gloves

6) Scrub Brushes


  • Bleach
  • Zep Grout Cleaner and Brightener
  • Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner

How to Clean Grout

You can saturate the grout with lemon juice, which will act as a mild disinfectant that can get rid of grout stains naturally. You can also use white vinegar for chemical-free grout cleaning. Allow the lemon juice or vinegar to sit for 10-15 minutes. The solution is often more effective than dedicated Ph-neutral grout cleaners.

How to remove black grout in your shower?

The best way to remove black grout in your shower is to use a solution of bleach and water. You can start by mixing one tablespoon of bleach with two cups of water and pour it into a plastic spray bottle. To clean shower grout scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse with clean water and mop or towel-dry the grout. Rinse and dry in small sections, so the dirty water doesn’t settle back into the grout.

Do magic erasers work on grout?

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can knock out the most-stubborn buildup on grout throughout your bathroom.

Does Coca-Cola Clean grout?

Coca-Cola can lessen the tile grout stains and build-up. Wet the grout with Coke and let the area sit for a few minutes before wiping with a cleaning cloth. Repeat until the grout is clean.

What is a natural alternative to bleach?

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural alternative to bleach that brightens and eliminates.

Can you really clean grout with WD-40?

A quick once-over with a cloth sprayed with WD-40 is great for removing soap scrum from shower doors and can also prevent mildew from returning. It’s also a great way to clean the grout between your bathroom tiles, remove stubborn stains from your toilet bowl, and rust stains on porcelain caused from aerosol cans.

In Conclusion:

Having a healthy home rid of porous grout, no matter if you are tackling the task yourself or hiring a professional these facts and tips will surely help you in whichever route you choose. Not only will the look and appeal of your home be enhanced but the life of the tiles and grout floors will be extended.

Professional cleaners will clean in such a way that will not damage tiles or grout. Remember never scrub vigorously this can lead to damaging the tile and grout floors. You will be able to save valuable time and money when you opt into hiring a professional.


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