I am going to walk you through how to clean a Commercial Office Building. Step One, pick up debris or paper and throw them in the waste bucket. Step Two, Empty trash cans and clean them. Step 3, Vacuum the floors, carpets, and mats around the office cubicles to get rid of dust or dirt that cannot be removed by hand. Step 4, Remove stains as soon as you spot them using stain cleaners. Organize loose papers that are spread on desks or any other areas. Keep the ones that are required frequently in an easy to reach the place. Clean smudges and fingerprints from windows and mirrors. Clean the floors and furniture of the reception area. Organize the magazines, pamphlets, brochures, or books beside the sitting area to make it look more presentable.

Weekly cleaning

Dust and wipe office furniture such as filing cabinets, desks, shelves, cubicle walls, etc.

Wipe accessories and electronics such as telephones, computers, monitors and keyboards, etc. with a microfibrillar cloth after spraying it with water or disinfectant spray. You can also use germicidal disinfectant wipes.

Dust door jamps and windowsills, heating vents, ledges, etc.

Disinfect restrooms by scrubbing toilet bowls with a toilet brush and disinfecting cleaners. Wipe the seat after cleaning. Do the same for counter areas and sink. Sweep and mop the restroom floor tiles.

Refill the paper towels, toilet tissue rolls, soap dispensers, etc.

Clean and organize the kitchen. Throw out old food from the refrigerator and clean the interior. Clean the inside of the microwave, preferably daily.

Clean the dishwasher to prevent the growth of mildew.

Replace dish sponges, wash towels as necessary.

Monthly cleanings

Clean hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and other wall-mounted objects.

Spray-buff hard floors using a burnisher or floor machine to revive the “wet look” of the surface.

Polish the surfaces of wooden furniture like tables, desks, chairs, etc. using furniture polish to restore their shine.

 Semi-annual cleaning

Strip old layers of floor finish and apply new layers of floor-finish.

Spray buff or burnish after stripping to restore the “new” look.

Scrub heavily soiled areas of carpet, mats, runners, or upholstery.

If you need to extensively clean any floor or area inside the office building, make sure to put up a  “closed for cleaning” sign at the entrance to prevent anyone from disturbing you and ensure they don’t trip accidently on a wet floor.

How to clean apartment buildings

Declutter the cleaning space by removing any unnecessary objects or items in the area.

Start with the living room. Wipe the whole room from top to bottom. Focus on tall pieces of furniture, windows, and shelves.

Mop or vacuum the floor starting from one side and then slowly moving towards the other end to ensure you clean all the surfaces.

Remove dirty sheets, mattress pad, comforter, pillowcases, etc. and wash them.

Dust the bedroom from top to bottom and follow the same procedure as you did when cleaning the living room. Then, remake the beds.

Clean the kitchen. Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the surfaces of appliances, countertops, and fixtures. Wipe them after some time and then map the floor.

Clean the bathroom and sanitize it. Remove every item from the countertops so that you can clean them with a clean them. Use a cleaning solution to remove stains from the shower, tub, and toilet bowl, Wipe or scrub them properly after a while to remove all the stains.

The benefit of hiring a professional cleaning service include:

Highly Trained Cleaners.

They Use Correct Cleaning Tools and Equipment.

You Will Save Time and Money.

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