How Do You Keep Rooms Clean in Your Home?

 For starters, we need to be gradual with the process and make sure we do our best to not collect clutter and to stay organized as we go through each room in our home one by one and identify problem areas. Do you see any piles of unopened mail or clothing that is clean that hasn’t been put away? Organization is the first step to keeping your home clean. Here are 8 Checklist How to Keep Rooms Clean.


 Organization- Keep the clothing in drawers, and closet spaces organized

    1. Match socks like with like, and fold shirts neatly and separate by season
  1. Make beds daily
  2. Dirty laundry should be placed in laundry basket

Kids Bedroom(s)

 Keep toys off floor and put away in bins

  1. Make beds daily
  2. Dirty laundry should be placed in laundry basket
  3. Gather toys in bins daily and keep stuffed animals neatly sorted in designated areas


 The order doesn’t matter, but we want to focus on cleaning top to bottom in the bathroom.

  1. For this article’s sake, let’s start with the tub, we want to clean with a little bit of water, a scrub brush, and a chemical that will remove grime and dirt build up. I’m on a green cleaning streak and using an organic multi-surface cleaner that I purchased from Whole Foods Market (Lavender and Lemon scent.) I then wipe down any residue and get in between any areas that could contain grout). On occasion, I use the Clorox (green bottle) with bleach when the tub needs a heavy-duty scrubbing.
  2. I continue this process for the sink, and the toilet as well. I would recommend that you do not use harsh products on certain surfaces. My surfaces can handle the products I have mentioned. The floor in my bathroom is untreated stone, so I am unable to use products outside of natural or pH neutral on stone. Read labels carefully and make sure that your careful when cleaning your home.
  3. I finish off the bathroom by spraying glass cleaner on the bathroom mirror and wiping with a microfiber cloth then I proceed to polish any stainless steel.


 Keep the sink clear of dishes

  1. Keep the fridge organized
  2. Trash emptied
  3. Wipe down surfaces daily
  4. Cover food items that are placed in the microwave (I recommend purchasing a microwave- safe plate cover) You can purchase at Target for a few dollars.
  5. Cover all items placed in oven, especially meats (they are prone to make a mess)
  6. Keep floors tidy and mopped in kitchen


 Quickly spot clean walls with a magic eraser

  1. Wipe down baseboards
  2. Mop or Vacuum floors as needed
  3. Wipe down dust from photos and décor as needed


  1. Place a basket at the bottom of the staircase for any items that you find around the home throughout the day and sort twice a week and put them in their designated place

Laundry room

 Wipe surfaces in laundry room

  1. Wipe inside of washer and dryer (Especially where detergent is placed)
  2. Clean inside of dryer (where lint collects)
  3. Try to do laundry at least twice a week so that it is easier to maintain


 Wipe down surfaces

  1. Vacuum and Mop floors
  2. Keep all storage bins neat and tidy

In conclusion, A quick sweep through your home to tidy and organize will go a long way if you plan to set aside 30 min a day. It will allow you to have a clean home and clean rooms. The more you repeat these steps the easier it will become to maintain a tidy home.

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